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The members of ISAP are a vital and growing society of artists using acrylic as a medium, sometimes in concert with other media and sometimes exclusively.

The International Society of Acrylic Painters strives to serve this community of artists by recognizing and rewarding their talent and by being a means whereby the world can be made aware of the acrylic medium as the major modern form of artistic expression that it is.

Annual Shows

In support of our mission ISAP hosts the following shows each year:

  • ISAP International Open Exhibition
  • ISAP Signature Members Online Show
  • ISAP International Open Online Show  
  • ISAP All-Member Online Show

The public is invited to participate in all open events.  All events are promoted and showcased on our website.

Associate Membership

An regular member is anyone 18 years of age and older, all levels of skill and has paid dues for the current fiscal year (fiscal year runs January1 through December 31). As a member all ISAP all Society communications, prospectuses, and newsletters will be sent directly to your protected personal email address.  

Having paid the annual dues of $45.00, all members in good standing are eligible to:

  • Serve on the Board as chairs and members of any committee.
  • Enter any juried show open to their membership level.
  • Receive the ISAP newsletter, with the privilege of submitting news for the Members’ News column. 
  • Be listed in the Membership Directory with a link to your personal website. 
  • Online access to pay dues, review payment history, update your email address, manage your personal online ISAP Artist profile, Biography, and mini-gallery.
  • Receive prospectus to all ISAP online shows and physical exhibitions. 
  • Receive a Complimentary Copy of the Catalogs from the Anniversary International Exhibitions.
  • Receive invitations to the Awards Receptions, the Annual Members’ Meetings, and all ISAP Lectures, Events, and Educational Programs.

Signature Membership

Signature status is awarded to active Associate members whose dues are current and who have been accepted into the THREE International Society of Acrylic Painters exhibitions. TWO of these exhibitions must be International Open Exhibitions (online or physical). The third exhibition can be any other International Society of Acrylic Painters exhibition where a jury of selection process exists. Having two works accepted into one show will count as one acceptance. This entitles them to use the initials “ISAP” after their name. They remain a Signature Member for life, unless forfeited by nonpayment of dues or resignation. Once forfeited, status must be earned again.

Signature Master Membership

Signature Master status is based on merit and is awarded to any active signature member who has earned 10 points in the Society's juried exhibitions where a jury of awards process occurs. Points earned prior to becoming a signature member WILL COUNT toward Signature Master status but a candidate must be a Signature member to become a Signature Master. A Signature Master is granted the privilege of placing the letters ISAP M or ISAP Master after his or her name on paintings and communications. Points are earned as follows:

  • Best of Show - 5 points
  • First Place - 4 points
  • Second Place - 3 points
  • Third Place - 2 points
  • Any Other Award - 1 point
This entitles them to use the initials "ISAP M" or "ISAP Master" after their name on paintings and in correspondence. They remain a Signature Master for life, unless forfeited by nonpayment of dues or resignation.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Memberships may be proposed and elected at the Annual Board Meeting, any General Meeting or Special Meeting and shall consist of two categories: 
  1. Honorary Membership granted at pleasure of the Board, carries full rights and privileges of the Society. 
  2. Honorary Life Membership, requested by a Signature Member upon reaching the age of 72 and having paid dues for the past (10) years, carries full rights and privileges of the Society.

Life Membership

Life Members are Signature Members of at least (10) ten years in good standing, who purchase Life Membership at the current rate, determined by the Board of Directors.

Payment of Dues

  • The annual dues shall be payable to the Society on February 1 of each year. Reminders will be sent via email prior to the due date.
  • If a member joins the Society after October 1, dues are considered current for the remainder of the calendar year plus the next calendar year.
  • A late charge to be set by the Board may be levied to all members in arrears by March 31st of each year.
  • Signature members and Signature Master members in arrears for 1 year shall have forfeited all rights and privileges of membership and must reapply through the established procedures as set forth in article 4, section 2 of the Society's by-laws.
  • Honorary Members pay no dues.
  • Life Members pay no dues.
The International Society of Acrylic Painters is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizationAll images on this site are the property of their respective owners. For permission to use images or to purchase original art please contact the individual artist.  

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